MUJI’s Yurakucho Global Flagship Looks Like a Slice of Retail Heaven

the re-opened location includes a vegetable/fruit market, the first of its kind for MUJI

MUJI, our favorite Japanese minimal lifestyle retailer, re-opened their global flagship store in Yurakucho, Tokyo today (July 28th) and it’s taking our breath away. If there were such a thing as retail heaven, it would probably look something like this.

all produce is labelled with the name and location of the farm it comes from

With this location, which is set to redefine the format of shopping, MUJI has integrated what they believe to be the 3 pillars of lifestyle: food, housing and clothing. When you enter from the ground floor the first thing you’ll encounter is a vegetable and fruit stand (a first for MUJI stores) that seeks to re-establish the lost connection between consumer and farmer.

City-dwellers “have become far removed from the fields, farms, and fisheries, where the food is produced,” says the company, “ and have come to consume food simply as a commodity.” Working directly with farmers who use little or no chemical pesticides and fertilizers, the marketplace will off only in-season fruits and vegetables.

Another new feature is an actual MUJI Hut that will be on display. Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with what MUJI believes is the answer to city-living.

But not everything is new. With the re-opening MUJI was smart about keeping some of the better things, like the great bookshelf in the back that was designed by Torafu Architects. It spans 2 floors, holds 10,000 books and acts as a wonderful focal point to draw you into the store. The MUJI Café was also relocated from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, and will serve fresh bread, coffee and soups made from the vegetables they sell.

a model MUJI Hut on display on the 1st floor

the large, sprawling bookshelf designed by Torafu Architects, can be seen in the back

a kids area offers parents a place to rest and entertain their toddlers


  1. I always love going through that Muji store. Do they still have the Muji House inside?

  2. Amazing piece. Gorgeous photos. MUJI really played to its strengths with this reopening, but (and there is always a but) isn’t there a concern with the bi-product of the new stall market? I mean every single vegetable or fruit is packed in man made styrofoam or plastic which is ironic since the concept it to get people closer to what they cook and eat.

  3. Why is there so much plastic on fruit and vegetables nowadays.. ok I know why, but there must be a better solution.

    • That was my first thought.

      I’ve always loved MUJI, but the manner in which the grocery store is layout does not compensate in any way for most of the produce being pre-packaged. Will Japan ever eliminate the habit of over wrapping nearly everything?

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