Yuki no Okura: A Wintry Snowscape Painted Entirely in Microsoft Excel


Okura is a village nestled deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. It’s the birthplace of 76-year old artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, who creates Japanese seasonal landscapes entirely in Microsoft® Excel. The software, typically reserved for financial analysis and bookkeeping, is turned into a fantastic creative tool.



Due to its high elevation, in the winter months the land is typically covered in snow. But the Larch trees planted in the 1950s serve as a beautiful brownish contrast to the white, says Horiuchi, who returns there several times a year. And although relatively isolated, it’s become a popular spot with tourists because it’s the location where the recent NHK period drama “Sanada Maru” takes place.

In what is our 2nd exclusive collaboration with Mr. Horiuchi, we decided to return to the artist’s roots. “Okura Snowscape” is available as a limited edition of 100 prints.





  1. I know Excel fairly well. I have no idea how this was done! Really amazing! There is no end to creativity.

  2. How in the hell do you do this in Excel!?

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