Back in May, Nissin, the maker of Japan’s iconic Cup Noodle, posted an image to their Facebook page of paper bag with a kettle printed on it. When carried, it created the illusion of a hand pouring hot water into instant ramen. The image was created mostly as a joke – a lighthearted gesture meant to generate a few chuckles. But it did a lot more than that.

The post garnered thousands of likes and comments from readers saying they want to buy one. The response was so overwhelming that Nissin decided to make the idea a reality. The Cup Noodle “Hot Water Pouting Bag” was recently added to Nissin’s online store, where it’s available for 300 yen (about $3) a pop. Or a pour? Perhaps the price is subtle nod to the equally iconic 3 minutes that it takes to make the ramen once the hot water’s been added.

It’s worth noting that they also sell Cup Noodle Folders, Cup Noodle Memo Sets and Cup Noodle Erasers.