sgabello_camouflageSgabello Camouflage: marble, stone and antique furniture

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The reupholstered chairs of 32-year old Yukiko Nagai most certainly call for a 2nd look. But don’t sit. These delicate pieces mimic the look of traditional materials like wood grain, boar hide and patchwork using marble and glass tile. According to the artist, “Her concept consists in the interpretation of various materials using exclusively marmble and rocks, trying to surprise at the touch and look of the surface rendered in the work.”

Nagai makes use of her studies in landscape design, which she completed at the prestigious Tama Art University, to carefully render the mosaics of her work. She first gained recognition earlier this spring when famed Italian gallerist Rossana Orlandi decided to include her in her groundbreaking exhibition.

sgabello_pantheonSgabello Pantheon: marble, stone and antique furniture

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sgabello_poisSgabello Pois: marble, stone and antique furniture

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Poltrone Gemelle: marble, stone, venetian glass and antique furniture

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source: tmagazine