Flower petals, leaves, foods and other objects have all been meticulously arranged and then photographed to create a set of 54 playing cards, including 2 jokers. It’s the latest work by art director Yuni Yoshida (previously), who’s penchant for analog techniques that shun digital manipulation have resulted in an arresting series of works that trumps any deck of cards we’ve ever seen.

Working with everything from flower petals and food to hair curlers, Yuni Yoshida has created 54 still life images, each representing a single playing card. Each image has been painstakingly assembled and staged without the help of digital technology.

“Playing Cards” was most recently part of Yoshida’s first overseas exhibition at the Seoul Museum in Jongno District, central Seoul. The series has now travelled back to Japan and is on view at the Laforet Museum in Harajuku through December 25, 2023 (general admission is 1,000 yen). At the museum you’ll find enlarged prints of each card so you can get up close and admire all the details.