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Studio ePosh

Some textiles by Elleke van Gorsel, dutch artist and mastermind of Studio ePosh. I just love how her cultural, religious and historical influences are so apparent in her art.



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Yasumasa Morimura

2 images from Yasumasa Morimura‘s exhibition, “Twilight of the Turbulent Gods / A Requiem: Chapter 2.” The show consists of 6 large photographs, two videos and other, smaller works, all which ask the same question, “What did the 20th Century mean?” The show is going on through January at Shugoarts in Tokyo.



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Garden House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

click to enlarge | photos by Sergio Pirrone

A triangular house constructed around a magnificent courtyard that blends into the surrounding rooms. Garden House, by Takeshi Hosaka Architects, was completed in October of 2007. Located in Yokohama, the house, from the outside, appears to be your standard geometric modern Japanese home.

However, the unsuspecting guest will be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked, to find that the V-shaped hallways form a courtyard in thc center of the house. The windows are all floor-to-ceiling glass that open, essentially allowing the house to become one large garden. The home certainly meets the clients request for a space the feels like it is outdoors.

SD Review Asakura Award (2007)
Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers Award (2008)

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Hindsight is Always 20 / 20

President George W. Bush will deliver his last State of the Union address this evening. And the image above is a Snellen Chart of visual acuity (you know, the charts doctors use to test how blind you are). However, instead of the common letters, visual and performance artist R. Luke Dubois has taken all the previous speeches and sorted the words by frequency. You can also see charts from historical presidents HERE.

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Paul & Joe for your desktop

One of my favorite designers, Paul & Joe (Sophie Albou) has some great wallpaper available for download.


Speaking of which… I went to the super market in search of some Perrier and to my surprise, I was greeted with a slew of colorful labels designed by Paul & Joe! Interesting collaboration…


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Molly Springfield

Some exquisite graphite drawings by Washington DC-based artist Molly Springfield. Her first New York solo exhibition is going on through Feb. 2nd at MIREILLE MOSLER LTD. The show is titled, “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.”


Want to know an interesting tid bit? One of the three books depicted in Springfield’s series is Lucy Lippard’s Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972

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Designer Charles Kaisin

Check out the dramatic work of Charles Kaisin, based out of Brussels. The majority of his work is inspired by environmental issues and this Newspaper Extendable Bench is the perfect example. The piece was constructed by gluing and compressing old newspapers together…that’s it! Incredible.
(Via designluxe)


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Interesting display of lighting

I was browsing through an old issue of BRUTUS and I found this great photo. I love how they have assigned each light a corresponding household item. What a neat way to show how design can be found anywhere!

From left to right: Enigma Light from Louis Poulsen Japan, Camellia Light from I+Stylers, Flask Lamp from Art Style Market, and the Wrapping Paper Light from Collex


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The ultimate rent-stabilized apartment

Wow, check out these studio apartments on top of Carnegie Hall. I didn’t even know there were residential units in that building. Apparently when the concert venue was constructed the plans included 170 studios to house working artists from photographers to composers. Now however that number has dwindled down to 33, and the few remaining are fighting to not be evicted. You can read the full story about their plight HERE.

(All photos by Josef Astor)


Photographer Josef Astor’s triplex studio… I always thought tripllex studios were an urban legend.
Photographer Editta Sherman’s studio

Classical pianist Donald Shirley‘s studio

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Bookshelves Galore

There is something you must know about me; I am obsessed with books. And I think I share this obsession with many people. Yes, they are a symbol of intellect. And everyone wants to look smart right? But I think there is something else. Books are tangible relics of what defines us as human beings. A reminder, if you will. We surround ourselves with books that we feel represent us, just in case we forget who we are. We have books on our hobbies, books on special interests, books that represent, not what we are, but what we aspire to be, as well as books that were given to us by this person and that person. And because books are not only for ourselves, but for those who visit us at our homes, equally significant are the shrines that house these artifacts. Which is why I have Domino Magazine to thank for these inspiring collection of images. I’ve only cherry-picked the images I like but you can see the full collection here!    

gasl_bookcases_01.jpg gasl_bookcases_03.jpg
gasl_bookcases_22.jpg gasl_bookcases_33.jpg
gasl_bookcases_43.jpg gasl_bookcases_47.jpg

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