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New FabCafe Hida Opens in a 100-Year Old Renovated Minka

Damaged Kumamoto Castle Actually Withstood the Earthquake Just as Ancient Architects Intended

Tokyo’s Hippest New Select Shop is a Basement Parking Garage

An elongated market in Niigata inspired by the Engawa

Itoman Gyomin: a restaurant in Okinawa inspired by local fisherman culture

Plate: An Idyllic Woodland Market that Promotes Local Production for Local Consumption

Tadafusa: A New Hand-Forged Japanese Knife Showroom by Yusuke Seki

Court House: a home with an indoor basketball gym

Ishinomaki Stone Memorial For the Victims of the 2011 Earthquake

Akune Megumi Daycare: the ups and downs of designing daycare

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