1.8 million LEGOs used to create map of Japan

I know what you’re thinking: ugh, another LEGO project using a gazillion LEGOs. Indeed, the Internet seems to be teeming with hey-look-at-what-I-did-with-LEGOs-type projects, but this one seemed noteworthy. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic building blocks being introduced into Japan, LEGO’s Japanese subsidiary sponsored a cross-country workshop in which over 5000 people in 6 different regions collaborated to create a gigantic map of Japan.The pieces that were assembled at each site then traveled to Tokyo, where they were put on display for one massive LEGO map.

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Dubbed “Build Up Japan,” the event – rather than recreating existing landmarks – encouraged kids to picture what they want Japan to look like, and to create imaginary structures. The future of Japan was, quite literally, in their hands. And the kids delivered.

The festivities took place during March and April of this year.

Many more photos on their facebook page, including shots from each of the 6 locations.

source: Spread Blog | press release


  1. Such an amazing project… the thing that caught my attention (and almost brought tears to my eyes) was that they didn’t just ask people to re-create what already existed. They asked people to create something of their own… to create the future of Japan. Absolutely admirable.

  2. An Amazing event, the video is cheesy but cool at the same time :). I love LEGO + Japan :)..amazing mix.

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