Following in the footsteps of ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige, illustrator Shinji Tsuchimochi spent 3 years illustrating 100 views of Tokyo. Each view is a unique work of art, inspired by ukiyo-e but produced with a modern sense of whimsy and, sometimes, surrealism.

It’s a Tokyo that the Edo painters never knew, and yet glimpses of old Tokyo still remain. Now, some of those prints have been turned into iPhone cases so that your favorite views of Tokyo can be carried with you at all times.

Sangenjaya Triangle Corner

This case features Shinji Tsuchimochi’s depiction of the Triangle Corner (三角地帯) in Sangenjaya. The historic area has many old bars and eateries along several tangled paths. Even the aliens come here for a late night drink.

The Suzunari in Shimokitazawa

Located in the now-hip neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, The Suzunari is an alleyway annexed to the Suzunari theater. Once a rehearsal room, the space now houses around 15 eateries and a retro-style floating bar on the first floor. In Shinji Tsuchimochi’s composition, a moon in a suit and a star motorcyclist pay tribute to the area’s history of theater and performance.

Shohei Bridge in Kanda

This case features Shinji Tsuchimochi’s depiction of a view from the Shohei Bridge (昌平橋) over the Kanda River. Said to have been originally constructed in the mid 1600s, Shohei Bridge, and the view from it, has been the subject of many ukiyo prints. In this contemporary view, a train passes overhead and an enlarged hand holds a bottle of sake: perhaps an attempt to keep warm in the snow.

Shinjuku Golden Gai

You can almost feel the cold rain in Shinji Tsuchimochi’s depiction of Golden Gai (ゴールデン街) in Shinjuku. Said to have originated in the 1950s, the alleyways are packed with mismatched bars and eateries. And while Shinjuku has undergone considerable modernization, Golden Gai seems to have remained largely unchanged.