After successfully crowd-funding their campaign on Kickstarter and GreenFunding (a Japanese equivalent), the band SOUR has released their latest music video. With the help of directors Masashi Kawamura and Kota Iguchi, the band filmed 189 spinning CDs as phenakistoscopes to create their entire animated video, “Life is Music.”

The song is about “the circle of life, and how music is its rhythm maker,” says the creators. “We took this concept, and came up with an idea to use the spinning CD disc as a Phenakistoscope.”

Supporters of the project who pledged $70 or more were entitled to receive one of the actual CDs used in the filming. Leftovers are being sold for 3,000 yen (about $30) on the website.

lifeismusic (1)

lifeismusic (2)

lifeismusic (4)

Masashi Kawamura & Co. are responsible for several other highly creative music videos that prove you don’t need million dollar budgets to create a great music video.

lifeismusic (5)

source: @kota_iguchi