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Wooden bags always sound like a neat idea, but when put to use they always seem kind of heavy and bulky. But this new kiri-bag from designer Hikaru Yamaguchi of DonguriCo may very well change my mind. It’s elegant form is crafted from lightweight paulownia wood and reinforced by a hardwood frame. All the wood comes from Yamaguchi prefecture, a location steeped in the tradition of Hagi pottery. Stripped of any bells and whistles, the minimal carry case has 2 simple leather straps that secure it together.

Last year the designer also showcased a carrying carrying bag, this one made from the same aluminum sheet metal used on Japan’s bullet trains.

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The company also made a smaller-sized moku-moku bag, perfect for a notebook and an iPad. The bags a currently on display at Tokyo Designers Week 2013. There’s no indication of what these bags will cost as they have yet to hit the shelves of the company’s online shop.

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This post is part of a series covering the 2013 Tokyo Designers Week.

source: TDW 2013