Ever since German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius identified the Mobius strip, its non-orientable property has presented itself as a muse for artists, architects and designers. From exhibitions to residential homes, the curious properties of the band has puzzled and inspired. But in it’s latest iteration, Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Takeshi Miyakawa has created “Mobius chair,” a seat made from a single, continuous band.



“I designed this Mobius chair about 5 years ago and made a rough mockup using chicken wire, fiber glass and aqua resin,” says Miyakawa. But the chair never became a reality.  Life got in the way and the Mobius Chair was forgotten about, until just a few months ago when it was unearthed by a curator who was visiting Miyakawa’s studio.

“She found this dusty mockup and asked me if I could finish it for the show,” says Miyakawa, whose chair is currently on display (through August 1, 2014) at Salon 94. “In order to adjust curves, I had to continue sanding and adding more materials for a few weeks and finally I got it right.”



Below are some process shots showing the completion of Miyakawa’s Mobius Chair.  Mobi12 Mobi11 Mobi03Mobi10 Mobi08  Mobi05 Mobi04