all images: Art Direction: Taku Satoh, Design: Shingo Noma

2012 marked the 20th anniversary of Issey Miyake’s futuristic Pleats Please line: his collection of tightly pleated polyester dresses, tank tops, pants and scarves. Oh, and did I mention they were pleated?

To commemorate the success of the line, creative mastermind Taku Satoh (previously) created monthly ad campaigns that likened the fabric to scrumptious-looking food like whipped cream, wine and nutella. “I wanted to create a visceral reaction; something akin to ‘that looks delicious’ and ‘I want to wear that,’ said Sato, comparing our desire for food to that of fashion.

And the campaign has now won a 2013 JAGDA award for best poster and will be on display, along with other entries, at Midtown Designhub later this year in June.

plpl_anniversary_04 plpl_anniversary_06 PL-PL-HAPPY-ANNIVERSARY-1 PL-PL-HAPPY-ANNIVERSARY-2