A Minimal Wall Lamp Made From a Single Sheet of Paper

yoy poster wall lamp

a single piece of paper turns into a minimal wall lamp | Photos by Yasuko Furukawa

Posters are ubiquitous wall ornaments. We buy them, pin them up and take them down just as fast as we go through clean underwear. But what if we could approach the lighting in our house with the same ease? That was essentially the idea behind “Poster,” a wall lamp made from a single sheet of paper.

yoy poster wall lamp

Created by the designer duo Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto of YOY, Poster is a series of wall lamps in the form of A2-sized paper. It comes flat, like paper normally does, but the cuts and incisions allow it to take form as you use tacks or tape to adhere it to the wall.

If you’ll recall, YOY enjoys turning plain household items into delightful, magical objects. One of my favorite objects was the canvas that turns into a chair. Their latest work is Poster and it’s debuting right now at Ambiente, a trade fair for the consumer-goods sector.

yoy poster wall lamp

yoy poster wall lamp

yoy poster wall lamp

yoy poster wall lamp

yoy poster wall lamp


  1. Electronics.. Lights.. Get HOT.. DO NOT MAKE STUFF LIKE THIS OUT OF PAPER!
    I can tell you right now.. For a Fact..
    When your house burns down.. Your insurance WILL NOT cover you.

  2. Wow the design is so nice. I would waNt these in my house. So modern

  3. Use LED bulbs. LED bulbs don’t get hot.

  4. @atwas91 hey dude there is cool light lamps out there in the market :))

  5. These pics are amazing. i will share them on my blog here: http://haber.incehesap.com/teknoloji-rehberi-incehesapcom-1794-haber/

  6. Wow, these look amazing. And with led lamps there shouldn’t be any risks.

    Do you know when and how we’ll be able to buy them?

    • @Anna – That’s what I want to know! It usually takes a couple months – sometimes a year – for these types of products to make their way from trade fairs to becoming widely available.

  7. where can i buy this, please?

  8. It almost looks like you could make it yourself, but probably not.

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