Abstract bubble art photography by Tomoya Matsuura

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cell bubble art (6)cell bubble art (7)

Avant-garde music composer and photographer Tomoya Matsuura photographs an intriguing combination: bubbles attached with thread. Titled “cells,” the close-ups create abstract glimpses of “the vigor of life.” Whereas bubbles are inherently ephemeral, popping and disappearing as we watch, Matsuura’s photographs hint of reproduction. It’s as if the bubbles are alive and pulsating.

Matsuura, under the name tmymtur, also creates music commonly referred to as Drone. Last year he created a piece called “湧声” (yusei) made from over 5000 voices layered on each other. But not regular voices. He uses ultra-sensitive microphones to pick up frequencies that our ear can’t detect, rendering the inaudible, audible. I would suggest listening to our inaudible selves while taking in Matsuura’s cellular bubbles.
(Warning: drone music is not the most accessible of music.)


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cell bubble art (5)


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Source: submission | 500px


  1. I instantly thought of tadpoles and frog spawn. The bubbles and thread certainly have a foetal aesthetic.However, I would like to see more clarity but admit it would be impossible without CGI.

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