Wooden lacquered bento boxes by Oji Masanori

hibiju bento box - oji masanori (1)

Industrial designer Oji Masanori has a knack for incorporating traditional craftsmanship into contemporary design that’s both user-friendly and easy on the eyes. One of his latest designs is the wonderful double-decker bento box carved from Japanese magnolia. It was manufactured by Wajima Kirimoto and utilizes the company’s acclaimed makiji technique to create a lacquered finish on the inside that is durable enough to withstand silverware.

The “Hibiju” lunch box was designed with hopes that people will use it day in and day out, much like the stackable quality of the box itself, explains Oji.

hibiju bento box - oji masanori (6)

hibiju bento box - oji masanori (2)

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  1. My goodness the wood looks luxurious, I just wondered how to take care of these wooden bento boxes? I might consider buying one in the future, for now I will stick bamboo design bento boxes which I bought here at http://www.katachiware.com.au/as they’re easier to maintain.

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