Acrylic Paintings of Objects Sliced Like Sashimi by Yoko Eda

Graduating art student Eda Yoko presented her ongoing series “Sashimi of Things” as part of her senior thesis. Although seemingly photographed, these are expertly painted acrylic painting of everyday objects that are thinly sliced and presented as if they were sashimi.

a bottle of children’s starch glue, sliced like sashimi

Eda, who graduated from Musashino Art University from the Science of Design department, attempted to present industrial design as food using sashimi as a metaphor. Her series includes everyday objects like a tube of toothpaste, a matchbox, mosquito coils and a baseball. To paraphrase Eda’s professor Kenya Hara, the realistically painted objects are visually arresting to the point of almost making them look delicious.

ziplock containers

Each year we like to review the many senior thesis exhibitions going on at art schools around Japan and feature exceptional student work. You can see past student work here.

tawashi (Japanese cleaning brush)

a box of matches

lip balm

katorisenko (mosquito coils)


a tube of toothpaste

a watergun

a baseball

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