Continuing on with our coverage of this year’s senior thesis exhibitions, we arrive at Kanazawa Art University who, as usual, put on a very strong show. I love how the students all created advertisements to accompany their products, which helped to create a sense of continuity throughout the 20 students’ works. However, if pushed for criticism, the one things I would say is that the work was almost too polished. It lacked that playful, imaginative spirit that one would expect to find in a student exhibition.

Thanks to Masahiro Minami, who provided the photos from this show.

Kanazawa Art University Industrial Design 2012 Graduation Show

a lovely kids desk that doubles as a reading chair.

collapsible wire seating that can be configured multiple ways. It also comes with storage hooks and shelving for plants.

a simple seating device that can be attached to your bicycle. It folds away in-between your legs while riding and then opens up behind your bike for pit stops.

A gorgeous UFO-inspired bench. This was made by a student? I though I had walked in to a high-end furniture store.

a maintenance-and-mess-free planter for growing herbs in your home. Simply add water at the top and it slowly trickles through all the plants.