An unfinished house leaves much in the hands of the residents

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House in Kashiwa by Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

In the world of architecture, when a work is unfinished that is usually not a good thing. But 38-year old architect Kentaro Yamazaki (previously) will tell you, without shame or resignation, that his latest creation is an “unfinished house.” Located roughly 1 hour outside Tokyo, in the residential suburb of Kashiwa, is a home for a growing family. The design of the home is pretty straightforward: surrounding a central hub are “4 boxes, each box divided into 2 layers,” describes Yamazaki. The first layer of each box has a functional use like a kitchen, bathroom or office. But the second layer has intentionally been left blank, or unfinished, to allow the residents to create their own space.“Particularly the children’s room should be left up to the child to design.”

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Something else that’s also been left out – intentionally, I might point out – are the very fabric of modern-day families: walls. As the pictures adequately portray, each “box” is left exposed so that the entire space is, in effect, connected. In a way, it’s a return to the shared living concept of several hundred years ago when family members all roomed together. It’s a beautiful house with a free space, but is it too free? It’s not a stretch to imagine some pretty awkward moments, especially if you have kids who are growing up. It certainly gives new meaning to “no secrets.”

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  1. Sweet environment. When privacy is needed, just install some amazing curtains.

  2. Just noticed- I think you included some photos from the Tunnel House here? They are sharing 1-2 same images 🙂

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