The global pandemic rages on. Military conflict in Europe is exacerbating. And we continue to walk towards a climate catastrophe. What to do when it feels like end of times? We’re going to mix up a batch of “Apocalypse,” a cocktail made from three popular beverages in Japan.

The recipe for disaster is really quite simple: mix equal parts Aqarius, Pocari Sweat and Calpis together. Not only will it taste like the end of the world but Apocalypse is a portmanteau of the names of all three beverages.

The official recipe was posted to Japanese recipe site Cookpad back in 2005 by the mysterious username Yossy_Hal, who only has this one recipe, which calls for the ingredients below:

  • Aquarius (500 ml)
  • Pocari Sweat (500 ml)
  • Calpis (500 ml)

Simply combine the ingredients and enjoy!

It’s worth noting that there are definitely no health benefits to this drink. In fact, they contain so much sugar that if you don’t get diabetes you’ll at least develop cavities. So in that sense it may very well be the perfect drink for the end of the world. Cheers!