Sometimes I think about things. Things like, why is fruit – for the most part – the size of our palm? Is it some weird coincidence that most fruit and vegetables conveniently fit into our hand? After mulling this for several weeks I realized that this is simply another case of evolution-explains-it-all. If fruit was too big animals wouldn’t carry them home. They wouldn’t poop the seeds in different places and the seeds wouldn’t spread across the land.

So while fruit has done a fine job adapting to our bodies, other things, like pencil sharpeners, have always felt a bit awkward to me. Trying to twist my pencil while holding this unnecessarily small sharpener I always thought there must be another way. That’s exactly what product design brand Rabbit Hole must have been thinking about when they came up with this awesome apple-shaped pencil sharpener.

Even if you don’t agree with my theory on how this product came about, you must surely agree that having this bright red apple-looking pencil sharpener on your desk would be way too much fun.

Launched in 2010, Rabbit Hole is a Japanese design trio comprised of designer Atsushi Suzuki, furniture designer Hidenori Takeuchi and photographer Masakazu Ohnishi.

Found through Atsushi Suzuki’s website