Jewelry designer Akiko Oue has created mag_net_ic – a pair of infinitely customizable magnetic earrings. The 2 silver earring studs have magnets attached to them and come with 12 colorful dots that can be attached. Inspired by the act of picking up pieces of metal after jewelry-making, Oue thought it might be fun if a piece of jewelry could actually emerge from the act of picking up small pieces with a magnet.

The earrings are available (12,600 yen) through the bota boutique in Kobe. You can order through their website but it’s all in Japanese. If you need help ordering you can go with a forwarding service.

The concept of DIY jewelry is in the same vein as pick-a-jewel.

Lovely idea. Lovely logo and packaging too! In case you were curious, both were designed by Atsushi Suzuki. I love how the perfectly round “O” invokes imagery of jewelry.

source: mocoloco