Art in support for Japan

Both Johnny and I spent much of our childhood (attending school together) in Japan, and so Japan holds a very special place in our hearts. I was impressed by the artists that have expressed their support by art and wanted to share some of them here:

by Natascha Rosenberg
by Natascha Rosenberg

by DryIcons

by Adam
by Adam

by Tatsuro Kiuchi
by Tatsuro Kiuchi


by Aaron Stewart
by Aaron Stewart

cellar fcp
by cellar fcp


by Lea Wade
by Lea Wade


by Jacob Cass
by Jacob Cass

by Zac Neulieb
by Zac Neulieb


by Willian Sanfer
by Willian Sanfer


  1. These are beautiful! I couldn’t help but start to tear. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stop shaking.

  3. Wonderful collection. I linked this post on my blog.

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