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Late last year Teruhiro Yanagihara of Japanese design practice Isolation Unit designed an installation for Rokko Meets Art, a 2-month long arts festival that invited 41 artists to install artwork throughout the lush wilderness of Mt. Rokko in Hyogo prefecture. Teruhiro Yanagihara chose to install a temporary café within a green house.

Café Recipe served as the home to “Archive,” a conceptual and interactive work that invited visitors to pick their own herbs from within the site and create an original recipe for a blend of tea. The next step consisted of writing down that recipe and “archiving” it for other visitors to view and, perhaps, be influenced by, thus sharing in this ephemeral memory.

top and bottom images courtesy of Rokko Meets Art

During the installation Café Recipe was also host to a collaboration between Arabeschi di Latte, the Italian collective of self-described experimental food designers. Using found ingredients they created an original recipe called Happy Ravioli, which was also archived.