Space cats in astronaut suits, ultraman figurines reenacting the beginning of the universe, and a tribute to Taro Okamoto’s iconic Statue of the Sun sculpture. There’s a lot to love about artist Kenji Yanobe’s new installation, BIG CAT BANG, and it’s now on view to the public inside the Ginza Six shopping complex.

Ever since it opened 7 years ago, the atrium of Ginza Six has been home to large-scale installations by several notable artists including Yayoi Kusama, Chiharu Shiota and Kohei Nawa. The latest, which just opened today, is by the Japanese artist and sculptor Kenji Yanobe, known for his large-scale robotic and futuristic toys that often incorporate cats.

BIG CAT BANG, as the installation is titled, is an extension of the artist’s “Ship’s Cat” series, which takes inspiration from from the historic tradition of carrying a cat onboard trading, exploration and naval ships. The main purpose of having a ship’s cat was to ward off mice and rats that could cause damage to ropes and wires, as well as spread disease. But their calming nature and ability to comfort and even heal, established them as an ideal traveling companion.

In its most-recent iteration, the ship’s cat rides on the back of LUCA, a huge spaceship modeled after the “Tower of the Sun.” The explosive installation is on view until the summer of 2025 so there’s plenty of time to see it. Also check out the video below, which presents a new “story” about a space cat coming to earth as a messenger from outer space as an art work.