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Conceptual Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga, who is better known as ANREALAGE – a combination of the words “real, unreal and age” – debuted his 2010-11 Autunm/Winter collection in Tokyo last month. And before you tell me that I totally messed up resizing my pictures, read on.

Titled Wideshortslimlong, the collection consists of several distorted outfits that look like they stepped in front of a carnival mirror.

wideshortslimlong by anrealage 3

For this particular collection, which comprises everything from t-shirts and jeans to dresses and pants, the designer worked with 2 spokes; a wide-short spoke and a slim-long spoke. The wide-short distorts the average height of a Japanese person by 250% (width) and 70% (length), while the slim-long distorts by 80% (width) and 150% (length).

wideshortslimlong by anrealage 4

You can interpret the collection as you please – humorous attempt to redefine clothing or angry assault on the fashion industry for trying to categorize every person into a S M or L – but either way, ANREALAGE never fails to challenge our notions of fashion.

wideshortslimlong by anrealage 5 wideshortslimlong by anrealage 9

Attention to detail is incredible. Even the labels and hangars are distorted accurately.

wideshortslimlong by anrealage - tags and hangers

Mitsubai Tokyo has already begun selling some of the pieces. Plus, check out pictures from the installation at Aoyama Studios last month.

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