What is the sound of rain? It’s a simple question with a seemingly simple answer. But how do you prove that a single drop of water, when accumulated by the millions, will actually sound like rain? Digital mastermind Yugo Nakamura (previously) set out to prove this in a video titled “Amaoto no Yurai,” or The Origin of The Sound of Rain.

The designer set out by recording the sound and motion of water drops falling on different objects – everything from soil, rock, tree and leaf to brick and skin. As expected, each sound was unique and didn’t even come close to what we recognize as the sound of rain. But when the sounds were combined – first 2-fold, then 4-fold and exponentially larger – the result seems to speak for itself. But be your own judge and have a listen.


The video was created for the TV Program TECHNE, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creative techniques employed by the motion graphics industry.