With New York gallery openings in full swing (there were over 200 last week, according to NYAB) I’ve decided to pick and choose a few Japanese artists that would be worth your time.

If there is one show you should check out this season, it’s the Japanese artist Tabaimo, whose solo show opens at the James Cohan Gallery on September 15. The 36-year old female artist is currently representing Japan at the Venice Biennial with the installation, ‘teleco-soup’ (above), “an immersive multi-media environment that transforms the Japanese Pavilion into the interior of a well.”

On display at the gallery will be BLOW (2009), danDAN (2009) and guignorama (2006). Want more? More.

Tabaimo - BLOW
BLOW (2009) – viewers are invited to walk through the installation, projected onto a curved half-pipe ramp.

Tabaimo - danDAN
danDAN (2009) – projected onto three angled panels, the video portrays a cross-section of a housing complex.

Tabaimo - guignorama
guignorama (2006) depicts veined hands grasping, grappling and locking together. all images courtesy James Cohan Gallery

Source: twitter