A Private Room with a Built-In Garden and Wine Cellar

all photos by Kenta Hasegawa / Shinkennchiku-sha courtesy Daisuke Motogi Architects

Architects are usually shackled with requirements, parameters and demands. But when you give them free-reign, it usually results in good things. At least that was the case for this private room, situated above a company’s Tokyo headquarters.

After designing an office space in Tokyo for DAQ, a design company producing smartphone accessories and apparel, Daisuke Motogi Architects were asked to design a private room above the office that would be used primarily for private functions and entertaining. “His only request for us was to design a ‘place to enjoy good wine with close friends’ and a ‘table made of solid wood,’” explained the architect.

The wine cellar is enclosed in glass so that guests sitting at a large solid chestnut dining table can see wine bottles inside.

Coincidentally, the former site was a French restaurant and there had already been a space where a wine cellar had once been. So the architect took that as a starting point and expanded on the space from there. Everything other than the chairs around the table were custom-designed by Motogi and his team and we’re loving each and every detail. The glass partition; the unique coffee table; the bookshelf; the small table attached to the sofa; the built-in cacti and succulent garden. Everything comes together in the brightly lit space, creating a funky yet inviting space.

the low table placed beside the sofa is comprised of a glass tabletop supported with a tensegrity structure made of peeled and dried solid wood branches.

the bookshelf consists of a 3 x 3 wooden grid

In order to enhance the sunny space along the windows, a large planter was designed. Even the wooden stacking pots on the windowsill are original designs.


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  1. Lots of nice ideas, but the low table is hideous. It’s a non-designers idea of design that “something my dog dragged out of the woods” plus glass and metal makes good design.

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