Think Of Things is a unique space in Tokyo that attempts to blend the boundaries between lifestyle and workstyle. It opened last year in Harajuku and is operated by Kokuyo, one of our favorite stationary brands. To that end, they offer a collection of stationary, furniture, fashion and art items in their 1st floor shop. There’s also a café on the ground level with large windows that open up to a terrace where coffee from Sangenjyaya, Tokyo-based Obscura Coffee Roasters is proudly being served.

a collection of stationary, lifestyle, fashion and art items in their 1st floor shop

adjacent to the shop is a cafe serving coffee from Obscura Coffee Roasters

Think Of Things, abbreviated as TOT, wants us to rethink our relationship with the things and objects we surround ourselves with as lifestyle and work habits change. On the 2nd floor they even have a coworking space where they host events and rent desks out.

the 2nd floor event and co-working space

Tying the entire space together and giving it a dash of graphic color is the branding and packaging design, all created by in-house designer Aki Kanai. By graphically interpreting the TOT, she created an abstract yet orderly design that are in-line with Kokuyo’s high standards. The design even helped Kanai win the 2018 JAGDA New Designer Award.

The young designer recounts how she joined the firm in 2008. She notes that she was impressed by how forward-thinking they were, despite being an old company (they were founded in 1920) and decided to cold-call them. She went in with her hair dyed blond and her nose pierced and still managed to get the job, which makes us love Kokuyo even more.

Think Of Things (Gmap) is open from 10:00am – 8:00pm, 7 days a week. They’re closed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.