sukima_03 photos by Takafumi Yamada | click to enlarge

Daisuke Motogi is a young Tokyo-based designer who just recently graduated from Schemata Architecture Office and established his own studio. In what can be considered a sparkling debut, Motogi created “Lost in Sofa,” a bold and dazzling piece that firmly establishes him within the Japanese design industry. Inspired by how we often lose personal belongings in a sofa because they fall out of our pockets, Motogi introduces the idea of intentional misplacement. By creating individual cushions that each serve as storage, we can now place virtually anything, anywhere we want in the sofa.

I love the idea but it’s very un-Japanese in it’s concept, usage of materials and how they come together in shape and form. I was surprised to learn that Motogi had never spent any time studying abroad.


“Lost in Sofa” was presented at designtide tokyo 2010.



source: press release from the designer