Fantastical Foliage | The Ceramics of Hitomi Hosono

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One month to create the mold, three weeks to attach the folliage, and up to five months to let it dry. That’s a basic run-down of the numbers involved in the work of Hitomi Hosono, a London-based ceramic artist who creates botanical ceramic sculptures. Her lifelike depictions of foliage has just landed her an inaugural Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize, a brand new award officiated by the famous producer of Champagne.

Hosono creates her detailed porcelain all from memory – specifically, from a farm in Gifu where she observed lots of greenery as a child. But her photographic visual images are so vast that she’ll often forget where (or when) it is from. “ I’ll send my mother a sketch and ask her if she knows what the flower is and she’ll say, ‘We have it in our garden, don’t you remember?’ “ she said in an interview.

All of Hosono’s vessels are thrown on a wheel. The foliage is hand-carved and then attached. And all though she wouldn’t confirm this, there’s probably some Miracle-Gro mixed in there as well.

hitomi hosono

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