Yasumichi Morita, of the interior design firm Glamorous, has completed his latest project: a new FrancFranc shop in Shanghai. The new Xintiandi Shop, which marks the 3rd Shanghai location for the Japanese modern lifestyle retailer, opened on December 3rd, 2010. The company has been ramping up their presence in Asia. All 3 of their Shanghai locations were completed in 2010 with a flagship location in the works for 2014.

Yasumichi Morita, who occupies a seat on the Board of the parent company Bals (great name, by the way) has been in charge of the interiors of all their high-profile locations (see flagship store in Aoyama).

Pursuant their previous style, the new shop is an amalgamation of eye-candy with plenty to look at and love. While walking a thin line, the design manages to fall onto the side of visual titillation, rather than seizure-inducing chaos.