Consulting firm Excellence International hosted a charity auction last week to raise money for victims of the Tohoku earthquake. Several notable celebrities (such as actress Norika Fujiwara and tennis star Ai Sugiyama) were asked to design Qee Bears which would then be auctioned off online. I looked at some of the designs and, well… my mother told me if you can’t say anything nice….

But there was 1 exception. Interior designer Yasumichi Morita stood out from the crowd with his Mori Bear adorned with over 5000 safety pins and a few other metallic accessories. The safety pins are meant to symbolize the fabric of our society and how our interconnectedness is what holds us together in times of crisis. But on a deeper level there is something scary and dark about the piece. In its multitude is a sense of urgency and desperation. It conjures up feelings of anxiety towards a situation so dire that no matter how many safety pins you use it can’t be held together.

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