I climbed Mt. Fuji with my Mom when I was about 10 years old. At the time I wasn’t old enough to drink, but that’s all right because this Fujiyama beer glass hadn’t been designed yet. I like the tagline, which reads, “drink it down at Fuji.”

Designed by Keita Suzuki, the Fujiyama Glass (3,776 yen) won the Mizuno Manabu Award at a design contest in 2008. It was just recently commercialized with Mizuno Manabu himself taking on the packaging design. They encourage you to see the many phases of Mt. Fuji by experimenting with different drinks. For example, tomato juice would create a Mt. Fuji sunset.

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Fun Fact: did you know that the top of Mt. Fuji is technically nowhere? It doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of either Shizuoka or Yamanashi prefecture. In 1974, the supreme court shot down the state and ruled in favor of a Shinto shrine, arguing that it was the embodiment of the gods of Mt. Fuji and therefore all the land above the 8th station is sacred and belongs to the shrine. [source]