One of my favorite architects, Junya Ishigami (his website is only a contact form…I know: frustrating), is having an exhibition at the Shiseido Gallery.

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The highly anticipated show (at least for me) just opened yesterday. I combed the interweb yesterday for images and turned up with nothing. I tried again today and bingo! ARTiT has hooked us up with a first look.

If you are not familiar with Junya Ishigami, check out my feature on Japanese contemporary architects I did back in 2008 where I talked about his work “Kait Kobo.” Also, if you are in Tokyo I would highly recommend the show. Ishigami is not a very public figure and it’s a rare opportunity to check out his work.

Junya Ishigami, along with designers such as Nosigner, is part of a school of young designers who got their start studying under acclaimed architect Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA.