Beautiful Bottle of Soy Sauce Commemorates the End of the Heisei Era

The abdication of Japan’s Emperor Akihito next year will quite literally be the end of an era. And as Japan prepares to bring an end to the 30-year Heisei era, a Kyushu-based soy sauce manufacturer wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion.

For Fundodai, which was established in 1869, next year marks not only the end of the Heisei era but also the 150th anniversary of the company. Since soy sauce is one of the defining flavors of Japan, it only made sense that the company release a limited edition bottle of soy sauce. They named it Heisei and boy is it a thing of beauty.

With creative direction from Dentsu’s Eita Nakajima, and packaging design by Moe Furuya, the company has created a stunning bottle of soy sauce. When it comes to soy sauce, the more southern the producer the sweeter; the more northern the producer, the saltier. So using all local ingredients, Fundodai created a distinctively sweet soy sauce that’s available in a limited edition of 3000 bottles. It’s available online, as well as in major department stores across Japan like Isetan, Mitsukoshi and Matsuya.





  1. I went to Mitsukoshi Dept Store in Fukuoka yesterday to buy Heisei Shoyu.
    Not only they do not carry this soy sauce, nor the manufacturer says they do not have one.
    (Mitsukoshi called the mamufactuere, very kind of them).

    Since we cannot order from overseas, this was the inly way I could order.
    Please make sure your information is correct with their phone number and email address.

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