A water bottle made to look like a soy sauce container

soysauce thermos

Okay, this is one of the most-fun designs for a water bottle I’ve seen in quite a while. You know those miniature fish-shaped soy sauce containers? The ones that usually come in bento boxes and are occasionally used in art installations.

Well someone at Ehara, a maker of small toys and chotchkies came up with a thermos in the likeness of those soy sauce containers so it looks like you’re chugging the salty condiment. But don’t really put soy sauce in the 17 oz bottle because it could kill you. There’s even a case of soy sauce overdose-induced suicide. Instead, use tea or juice.

The thermos retails for around 800 yen but unfortunately seems to be out of stock.


soysauce thermos 2

soysauce thermos 3

soysauce thermos 4

source: @crystaline


  1. Hope you are able to sell some in your shop Johnny!

  2. OMG I want! is there anyway at all you would be able to sell some in your shop?

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