“Soy Shapes are soy sauce dipping dishes that take your sushi eating experience and food presentation to the next level.” That’s Duncan Shotton, a Tokyo-based product designer describing his latest, whimsical creation.

soy shape 1

By taking advantage of the natural gradation that occurs in soy sauce, Soy Shapes allow seemingly normal dishes to be rendered into three-dimensional optical illusions. The gorgeous dishes, and their irregular surfaces, are made possible by craftsmen and craftswomen of Gifu, Japan, which has a long history of producing ceramics.

Soy Shape comes in 2 forms: the M.C. Escher-like “Cubes” and “Triangle,” which borrows from the Penrose triangle created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934. Shotton is currently funding Soy Shapes on Kickstarter, the platform he’s used to bring many equally ingenious creations come to life!

 soy shape 2

soy shape 3

The limited edition slide boxes (below) each holds two matching dishes. But only 77 of each type are being produced.

soy shape 4

soy shape 5