genbi shinkansen exterior

all photos courtesy Cedric Riveau

When you walk out of a museum you’re usually in the same place where you walked in. But not with the Genbi Shinkansen. The new bullet train, which began operating just 2 weeks ago, is the world’s fastest-moving museum and will transport you from Niigata to Echigo Yuzawa in under an hour. It’s just enough time to take in artwork and installations throughout the train cars by 8 different artists.


genbi shinkansen exterior

the exterior of the train is printed with firework photographs by Mika Ninagawa

genbi shinkansen exterior

Tokyo-based photographer Cedric Riveau recently went for a ride, and was kind enough to share his photos with us. The exterior of the train is coated in photographs by Mika Ninagawa. They’re from a series of fireworks she began shooting in 2014.


But that’s only the beginning. Once you step inside you’re in a train car museum, with each of the cars dedicated to different artists. There are lounge spaces with photographs by Naoki Ishikawa, as well as a reflective mirrored installation by Yusuke Komuta. The bar car is stashed with yummy treats, coffee and paintings by Kentaro Kobuke. There’s even a kids space that has been transformed into an interactive playground by Paramodel.

genbi shinkansen

If you’re heading to the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, this is the perfect way to get in the mood. Three trains run each day, taking art lovers from Niigata to Echigo Yuzawa, the gateway to the art festival, at speeds of up to 240 km per hour (150 mph).

genbi shinkansen

even the seating cars are decked out in vibrant prints


in one of the lounge cars is “Plane Mirror,” a reflective installation by Yusuke Komuta





the kids area is a special interactive playground designed by Paramodel



photographs by Naoki Ishikawa hang in another lounge area



Haruka Kojin’s floral installation in a lounge area




genbi shinkansen exterior

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