This post is part of our review of the 1000 or so products that were awarded a good design award. You can read all the posts HERE or if you want to learn more about the awards you can read our preface HERE.

Metaphys Gum Eraser

I can always count on the good people at Metaphys to redesign the most mundane of products. Even if no one uses erasers anymore, this Gum Eraser (520 yen) is a beauty of a product.

According to Chiaki Murata, the lead designer and head of Metaphys, there are largely 2 different ways to apply an eraser: large movements to erase a wide area and small movements targeting specific areas. It turns out that the shape of a stick of gum is ideal for encompassing both. It even comes with an aluminum case and refills are just 231 yen.

Notchless Tape Dispenser

Have you ever found yourself grabbing for a pair of scissors because you don’t want your scotch tape dispenser to leave those ugly teeth marks? Well this is 2011 folks and finally there is someone putting an end to the insanity. Designed by architect Mamoru Yasukuni, Notchless (1,890 yen) has a patented blade that gives a nice, clean cut. Needless to say, it’s complimented by a beautiful modern form.

I love how utterly analog this category is!