Good Design Award 2011 | Outdoor and hobby category

This post is part of our review of the 1000 or so products that were awarded a good design award last week. You can read all the posts HERE or if you want to learn more about the awards you can read our preface HERE.

decagon tent

I love the great outdoors but sleeping in a tent, or the possibility of rain confining me to a tent, is a bit scary. But this decagon tent (110,250 yen), designed by outdoor equipment company logos, gives tent life a bunch of new possibilities. With different options the tent is infinitely customizable. I love how it looks like an expanding amoeba.

Play deco

Play Deco (630 – 1,500 yen) is a new brand of toy that gives your typical 3D wooden puzzle a new layer of enjoyment by adding the element of paper. Once you’ve assembled the wooden structure – the “bone” they call it – then you get to customize the “skin.” An awesome way to enjoy a rainy day. They even offer free skin downloads!



  1. yes, because while I’m camping I want to
    A. find a place big enough for all that
    B. set that shit up in the rain
    C. crawl around in damp tunnels like a sad hamster for half the trip.

    My friend, what you need is one of those canopies that’s big enough to set up over a picnic table. Then you don’t have to stay in the tent when it rains.

    PS the toys are pretty cool though.

  2. @jj – LOL! all good points.

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