photos by Takumi Ota

Last month Hermès, the French luxury goods maker, appeared in Kyoto along Gion’s historic Hanamikoji street. They had renovated an old residence into a pop-up shop that will remain open for 9 months, serving as a hub for a series of rotating workshops and events that will tie together craftsmanship, tradition and innovation with an appreciation for the 4 seasons.


The traditional machiya was renovated by Koicihro Oniki, an alumni of design studio nendo where he spent 10 years working as chief director overseeing interiors. Oniki used a traditional wood joinery technique called kigumi, which consists of interlocking wooden joints that form bonds without the use of nails, screws or adhesives.

The wood work acts as seemingly random display fixtures and shelves that will also be easily disassembled once the pop-up store closes at the end of July of 2017.




For the 9 months it remains open, the store will have revolving displays and workshops that emphasis the brand’s vision. Their first undertaking is HERMÈSMATIC, a pop-up laundromat concept. Washing machines in the brand’s signature orange color give scarves a blue or pink rinse, and a dryer restores them to their original softness. The process takes 20 days but is free of charge for customers.

Hermès Kyoto (Gmap) will be open through July of 2017 so check back on their website to see what’s currently going on.



the upper floor serves as a gallery space and lounge