A 120-Year Old Kyoto Machiya Transformed Into a Wonderland of Recycled Goods

pass the baton gion kyoto

a 120-year old machiya converted into recycle shop

“Appreciate what already exists, and create new value.” That’s the motto of Pass The Baton, a modern-day Japanese recycle shop where you’ll find a treasure trove of consignments, antiques, used and upcycled items. And in keeping with their motto, the store has converted a 120-year old traditional home in Kyoto, known as a machiya, into what represents their first foray out of Tokyo.

pass the baton gion kyoto

pass the baton gion kyoto

Pass The Baton Gion opened in August of this year and is the 3rd in its series after the Marunouchi (2009) and Omotesando (2010) locations in Tokyo. “The space was furnished using only traditional Japanese furniture, which were installed without affecting the existing walls or pillars,” says Masamichi Katayama, whose firm Wonderwall was in charge of the interiors.

pass the baton gion kyoto

pass the baton gion kyoto tea room

a selection from the menu of the tasuki tea & sake room

In addition to their consignment services, which donate a generous portion of sales to charity, the new store, in traditional Kyoto fashion, will also boast a tea & sake room called Tasuki. Shoppers will be able to rest and enjoy a traditional Kyoto sweets and tea while taking in the setting’s local charm.

“The distinctive characteristics that define Kyoto, a town built upon a history of tradition and innovation, are applied to both interior design and store management,” explains Katayama.

Pass The Baton Gion
77-6 Sueyoshicho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (Gmap)
Hours: 11:00am – 8:00pm

pass the baton gion kyoto

pass the baton gion kyoto

pass the baton gion kyoto



  1. While this is very beautiful and well done I always find it when buildings like this simply get turned into revenues of capital. I understand the gimmick but I feel like it could’ve been used in such a more meaningful way!

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