all photos copyright Hideaki Hamada

The Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada is perhaps most well-known for his lovingly intimate depictions of his two kids, Haru and Mina. But if you are following him on any one of his social media channels, you’ll know that he also has a keen eye for capturing places in photographs that are achingly mundane yet beautifully nostalgic.   

In his series Tokyo / Somewhere, a man walks past an Apple Store, a firetruck quietly awaits its call of duty, schoolchildren gather in the yard during gym class, and a man climbs the ubiquitous stairs of a crosswalk. Described in words, they’re moments that occur daily; perhaps numerous per day. And it begs the question: why capture this moment? But therein lies the beauty of Hamada’s photography, which pushes us to cherish the moment, rather than chase the next experience.

You can see more of Hamada’s work online and you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.