Tokyo Gifathon: A new animation every day for 30 days

London-based animator James Curran is currently in Tokyo for 30 days and he’s committed to making a new animated GIF each day inspired by his stay.

Curran has titled his project the TokyoGifathon. And although he’s only 5 days into his stay, he’s remained committed to the project and has posted a new animation each day to his twitter account.

Some are stereotypical while others are topical. But in each animation, Curran’s whimsical creativity shines through. If you share an affection for Tokyo (and wonderful gifs) you’ll certainly enjoy keeping up with Curran’s animations. You can follow the #TokyoGifathon tag on twitter, or simply follow Curran himself.


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  1. WOWW cool he should do a Gifathon for like uhh movies too

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