House in Senri by Shogo Iwata

photos by Nagaishi Hidehiko | click to enlarge

At the age of 55, Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher produced a mind-bending lithograph that depicted six stairways with multiple inhabitants going about their business in a world where the normal laws of gravity cease to exist. For the next 60 years “Relativity” went on to inspire everyone from mathematicians and scientists to artists and architects. And despite numerous experimentation, in my mind no one has come closer than Japanese architect Shogo Iwata at creating a real-life equivalent.

House in Senri is an equally mind-bending house split into 3 stories with a total of 8 tiered floors. The result is an ambiguous arrangement of space and hierarchy, that of which Mr. Escher would most-certainly approve.

Originally completed in 2010, the home, located in Osaka, was designed for a family of 3.

Source: architect submission

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