Nao Matsumoto at hpgrp gallery new york

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The multi-faceted artist, sculptor and furniture designer Nao Matsumoto currently has an exhibition at hpgrp gallery in New York. His show shares the same energy, tension and intensity as his politically charged work, but is an examination of the chaotic and somewhat catastrophic possibilities that exist in the natural world.

A total of 4 new works are on display, all of which are humorously threatening, in their own ironic way. It’s a great show and you can catch it through May 12, 2012.

“Chainsaw Blue,” a plastic sculpture of a Sawfish in which the snout is an actual chainsaw.

Srew you! Who me? In “You/Me,” Matsumoto attaches approximately 40,000 screws on wooden baseboards to spell out the words YOU and ME.

“100” ant heads individually cast in resin, arranged in a precise, square grid, so as to invoke the systematic efficiency and social structure of ants.

“SAMF-V” is a vicious vehicle with long, wooden spikes that channels both primitive violence and industrial strength.

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  1. brilliant show! amazing works.

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