photos by yasushi nagai | click images to enlarge

We’ve been giving Yugo Nakamura of tha a lot of attention recently (you have to admit, he’s on a roll) so it’s only fitting that we showcase where all the magic happens. The new office was completed late last year under the direction of Yoshihiro Saitoh of A-study. It’s odd because I always imagined their offices would be characterized by sleek white walls, stainless steel chairs and the occasional pop of bright color prints on the wall. So you can imagine my surprise when I first came across  these images.

But as I looked closer, it began to make more sense. The massive walls began to remind me of towering databases processing information in the background. Much like the way our computer screens hide the seemingly infinitesimal data and code that is the web, the vast walls of the office contain virtually hidden doors that open into separate meeting rooms. Everything from the all-natural wooden tables and chairs are simple but contain memorable details. It’s actually a very nice space for the tech-savvy folk at tha.

All the furniture was custom-designed to fit the space, which includes a gallery space for digital art. I love those chairs!!

source: architecturephoto | A-study