Imaginary Industrial Watches Brought to Life by Yuuki Fujita


Metalsmith Yuuki Fujita creates metallic objects inspired from imaginary worlds you might see in animated films (I’m thinking Howl’s Moving Castle). “I enjoy making art objects but I wanted to create something functional that you could use everyday,” said Fujita, unveiling her new watch collection. Each piece, an industrial hodge-podge of chimney-stacks, ladders and buttons, is a unique original. “I hope that my watches inspire the user to go out on an adventure, like the protagonist of a story,” Fujita wrote.

Fujita sells her watches for 30,000 yen (about $300) a pop.

*all quotes translated from Japanese to English by the author.

yuuki fujita 1Fujita creates all sorts of metallic, imaginary objects





source: flyingapartment

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  1. can i know what material are you using. what i think when i first see that watch, im interested but then i think of the material , is that heavy somethings like that.

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